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Title: Justifying the Means, chapter one
Author: koikana
Warnings: light bondage, UST
Link: KoiKana's lj
Rating: R
Summary: Hermione and Ron argue.

"'Mione, I'm not bloody going. They'll-... They'll cut me all up!" Ron slammed the bathroom door, and Hermione tapped lightly on the door, wishing she could just blast the door open and drag him out. Diplomacy is hard when you have to deal with such a prejudiced git... She tapped once again, her lower lip caught between her teeth.

"Ron? Ron. I've already been through all the tests, and believe me, they're much more invasive than yours will be. We've already used every magical way of trying to induce pregnancy." A grunt behind the door. At least he was listening. "It will just rule out any malfunction-"


"ah... any problem that might... be... based in that... area. Please, Ron." She rested her forehead on the cool wood, sighing. It wasn't a new fight, but every time the subject came up it seemed to drain her completely.

"My parents have seven kids, 'Mione... There is nothing wrong with my-" his voice dropped, almost inaudible through the door. "Li'l Weasleys. No. No bloody way. Forget it."

Hermione took a step back from the door, snapping over her shoulder as she stormed off to the den, "Fine, Ron. Then I guess your little Weasleys can do it all by themselves, and I hope I'm there when the baby falls out of your arse!"

Thirty minutes later, Ron came into the den. He had showered, his hair was slicked back and... he was in her fuzzy pink bathrobe. To her surprise, his eyes were puffy and red. She shooed Crookshanks off her lap, and gestured for him to sit beside her on the couch. Instead he laid down, with his head in her lap. She ran her fingers through his red hair, sighing. "Ron. You still want children, don't you?"

His eyes closed and he was a long time answering. When he did speak, his eyes remained closed and he looked so world-weary it hurt her heart. "Of course I do, 'Mione... even if I didn't, you do, and I want what you want." His brown eyes opened and he looked up at her. She turned her head, her hair hiding her shiny eyes.

"Then why can't you do this one thing for me? It's not like you haven't done it in the bathroom when-" She stopped because he had rolled off the couch so fast he had smacked his head into the coffee table, and his shin had landed on Crookshank's tail. Ron was cursing loudly and the cat ran out of the room with an ungodly sound. She tried very hard, but the chuckles came bubbling up and he looked at her angrily.

"Fine. But any sharp instruments coming towards me and I'll hide one of Fred and George's Lusty Licorices in your food." He sat up, rubbing his head resignedly. "Just don't make the appointment for bloody sunrise or something." She shrieked with glee and threw her arms around her husband, kissing him deeply.

"Don't worry about it, Ron, it's tomorrow at two. Thank you so much for being so understanding!" He raised his brows at her, and she took a sharp intake of breath. "Oh... I set it up in case you'd changed your mind... you know, we won't be able to... tonight."

He grinned and his ears turned slightly pink. "C'mon, I wanna show you somethin."

He took her into their bedroom, and dug around in his underwear drawer. Four years of marriage and he still didn't like her to see his underwear... unless he was in them. He took out what appeared to be a pink and white box, but he was hiding the words and the picture on the box. "I know you think I hate everything to do with Muggles, but it's not true, so I thought I'd show you so." His whole face was a brilliant shade of red and he tossed the box at her, and in her surprise she almost dropped it.

On the front was a very buxom young woman in pink vinyl posing with a pink, vaguely cylindrical object in her hands. It was a... "Ronald Weasley! Where on earth did you buy a vibrator?" She was overcome with giggles again, and she was imagining her lanky husband at the counter of an adult store with...

"The Ladies' Magic Wand? Oh, honestly Ron..." she looked up at him still chortling until she saw his face. It was as if he had deflated. She hugged him and looked at the box. "Well, sorry... it's just funny... wherever did you go to get it?"

Ron looked at her sheepishly and still looking a little hurt, "Well, I told Fred and George our fights about muggles, but not why we're having them of course, and Fred... or George... they said I should buy you a... lady's friend... to... and when I got there, there was all this stuff, and lots of naked people, and some of it was just bloody disgusting, did you ever hear the word sc-" she put her fingers on his mouth quickly.

"I do like it Ron... it's just... surprising." Especially with you buying it, dear... "Thank you." She felt awkward, taking the box and putting it by the dresser, and when she turned back to him he had the most peculiar expression on his face.

"'Mione, I thought... since I, ya know... can't tonight..." he crossed the room and took the box, his fingers gripping it so tightly they were turning white, contrasting his face, which was blushing furiously again. "We could play?"

Seeing her excited, handsome husband standing there with a vibrator in her pink fuzzy bathrobe wasn't on her top ten turn-ons list, but there are surprises everywhere. She opened her mouth to speak, but he picked her up suddenly in his long, lean arms, and threw her on the bed. Her mouth remained ajar as he practically pounced on her, one long, lanky leg thrown over hers and his mouth whispering against the flesh behind her ear. His free hand was finding its way up her nightshirt, sliding across her stomach.

"'Mione... trust me?" Her eyes had closed at one point, but she could hear the plea in his request and the scritchyscratch of the cardboard box opening. She chewed her lower lip for a second, nodding.

Their sex life was no where near experimental. The lights were always out, he was always on top, and it always lasted between five and seven minutes. She was happy with it. But this... this was good... one of those things you don't know you want until your nails are digging into your palms and your tears are sliding down your cheeks into your ears.

His weight shifted off the bed, and she opened her eyes. He had his wand, and he mumbled a spell under his breath absent-mindedly, and there was a wonderful sensation of silk crawling across her wrists, binding them above her head securely, attatched to the headboard by whatever spell he had used... a flare of interest arose as she wondered what spellbook he had gotten that from, until he was unbuttoning her pajama top. After the third button his mouth descended hungrily between her breasts, nipping and suckling as he continued undoing the buttons. When his mouth trailed its way to her nipple she moaned softly, her hips rising off the bedspread to remind him there were more important items on the agenda. Unfortunately, it seemed Ron was not to be distracted, and he cupped her other breast, his fingers tweaking her nipple roughly. A sharp pain made her aware that she was truly biting her lip now, and she pulled against her bindings, whimpering nonsense vowels against the top of his red hair. Ron merely grunted at her and shifted to her other breast.

After what seemed hours Ron's amber eyes met hers and... damn the bastard, he was chuckling... she took a deep breath as he grabbed her present from across the bed where it had migrated. Her entire body tensed as he slipped the toy from the box. Without taking his eyes off her, he turned the bottom of the vibrator clockwise and she heard a low rasping buzz. He was inching it slowly towards the sideswell of her breast, and-

"Ron?. . . It already had batteries?" She raised a brow, struggling to keep a chuckle silent. He sputtered for a moment, then poked her side- rather sharply- with the cool toy. "I wanted to make sure the blasted thing works!" She shied away from his poke, grinning at his embarrassment, and he touched the lightly on her nipple, grinning at her 'oh!' of surprise and kissing the flesh above her navel, slowly tracing it around her areola, her nipple immediately responding.

As his mouth trailed south, he drew the toy across her chest slowly, letting it create gooseflesh as it went, and she could feel the blood rush to her face in anticipation, and she lifted her hips suggestively, purring deep back in her throat. Still, the bloody git was not going where she really needed him, but was nibbling rather hard on her jutting hipbone. She looked at the top of his flaming hair and growled impatiently. "Ronald Billius Weasley, if you do not put something-"

Her husband chose that moment to run the pad of his thumb along her slit, pausing at the top to press -torturously gently- against her clit, causing a warm, electric sensation to slither up her spine. She whimpered, turning her face into her shoulder, and pulled her knees up, her thighs spreading farther. He responded to this presentation by running his tongue across her nether lips, and whispering into her sex, "Merlin, but you're so wet!"

Next chapter soon, hopefully.
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