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FIC: Unfortunately

Title: Unfortunately
Author: Koikana
Warnings: Magical bondage, noncon, twincest, humor
Link: Koikana's LJ
Rating: NC17
Summary: Twins/Snape, humour porn, "We're doing this for the good of the Order."

They would shag Severus Snape. After all, it was vital to the goal of the Order . . .


What he needed was a Sleeping Draught and to go to sleep for fourteen hours or so. He had been up all night collecting information from one of the Lestranges. The bastardly git had not been very cooperative. Snape flopped down on his bed in the second floor of Number 12, Grimauld Place, and under the noise of his bag settling and the squeaks of the springs, he thought he heard a mutter. He gripped his wand tightly. He would not be caught off-guard by Perfect Potter or the Weasley brats. He waited patiently with his eyes closed for them to betray themselves. A minute then two… then three… Nothing.

Perhaps he was becoming paranoid in his old age. An Alastor Moody in his own right. Oh well… better safe than sorry. He looked through the closet, the bathroom, and even poked his wand into the hamper. No Weasley brats. No Potter. Nothing.

Kind of disappointing really.

Snape sat back down on his thin mattress and sighed… as much as he would, anyway, it sounded much like a growl to the two co-conspirers hidden beneath the bed frame. Snape stretched out his long body along the mattress and laced his fingers over his meager chest bone, his mind wandering its own dark, webby depths.

After close to an hour the twins heard thin, even breathing coming from the man above them. Their eyes met, and after a few seconds silent deliberation, they decided this was the moment. Fred rolled to the left and George toward the right, standing up, both of their school robes covered in dust, as quick as their Beater reflexes would allow they pulled their wands. He glanced at the bed and yelled "Immobulus!" and blinked.

Severus Snape was glaring at them furiously, his nightshirt askew, high up on his thin, pale waist, his hipbones jutting out below the hem and his long, thin erection spying out from beneath the sheet, slightly covered by his bony, large-knuckled hand. Well, it was too much for George. He promptly fell to the ground guffawing, and heard Fred on the other side of the bed doing likewise.

"Snape, Gred! SEVERUS Snape, flogging the wizard!" "Playing pocket Quidditch!" "Swishing the wand!" "Shaking hands with You-Know-Who!" Fred was holding his stomach and howling on the dusty floor, looking at his twin from underneath the dusty bed skirt. "Well, I guess that disqualifies the idea that he needs a good orgasm to jolly his day, Forge." The twins stood up together, crawling onto the bed, where Snape was glaring at them most heatedly.

"He looks a bit peeved, Gred," one of the twins at Snape’s knees said, as he crawled toward the head of the bed, his muscular, wiry body looking very lynx-like. The twin near his head began to nibble on his ear, pulling his right hand away from the sheet he had been clawing as he relieved himself and the redhead tied it to the bedpost with his school tie, murmuring an unintelligible spell under his breath, and Snape felt the tie tighten around his wrist securely. While he was watching this act out of the corner of his eye, hands identical to the ones around his wrist caressed his wand-hand. Rather, the wand-hand that was gripping tightly at his manhood, and the thin, calloused fingers were sliding across his own, across the fingertips, and Merlin was it odd to feel someone else’s fingers on him there, and he desperately wanted to yell at the two, but then there was a wet warmth covering the head. His fingers were pulled slowly and gently from his shaft and the wet warmth went down, slightly rough lips and wet-warm-soft tongue and heat and a Weasley was sucking deep his cock.

As the red head lowered itself, taking in his erection, the hand that had been so eagerly (yet repetitiously and tediously) gripping it was tied to the headboard as well, with another red and gold school tie. Snape bit the soft flesh of his inner lip as the twin at his groin let his cock fall from the red, swollen lips and went about kissing his inner thighs, something a lover would do, and (as Snape well knew) something the smart-mouthed harlot boys of Knockturn Alley would never consider, unless you tipped them a knut and asked specifically. Asking to have one’s thighs kissed defeats the purpose really, and just why wasn’t he stopping them? He could, most likely… but oh their mouths on his clammy flesh were sweet, rough and soft, warm and wet.

The twin between his legs was pushing them apart, firm hands on his own pale hairy thighs, his cool eyes on Snape’s and he could only watch as a pink tongue slid out between his reddened lips and tickled along his frenulum, then traced- so slowly!- down the bottom side of his shaft, the tongue flattening out, lapping at his cock. When the tongue slid down his sac and to his perineum, a small, gurgling moan escaped his nearly-closed lips. He realized his eyes had closed, and when he opened them, his breath stopped short. One of the lean bodies below him was head-down in his own crotch, lapping away eagerly at places he was quite sure must be illegal to place a tongue… and the freckled back was sloping up beautifully, presenting a taut ass to its brother. The other freckled minx was kneeling behind him, gripping himself firmly in one hand, the other resting idly on his brother’s buttocks. When he saw Snape’s attention was on him, he grinned the full, toothy grin of a complete imbecile… or a person sharing a particularly dirty secret.

"You know, Severus… that’s a mouthful to say, isn’t it Forge? He agrees, even if he’s a bit preoccupied at the mo’." The boy- for that’s all they are, he reminded himself- let his hand slip down the curve of his brother’s hip, and as he spoke his thumb slid down, and the little slut had his thumb inside his brother’s arse.

"Oh, what a good boy… I wonder when he found the time to ready himself for me… he’s already oiled and stretched, Snape. I could slide in easily right now… you would like to watch that, wouldn’t you?" Snape’s eyes gleamed, but he could not look away at the decadent display before him, and the mouth that was sliding back up his own shaft was moaning, the thrumming of the sound racing down his cock and spreading a prickly hot sensation settling in the saddle of his body.

One freckled body leaned over the other, sure hands guiding himself home in a manner that looked, in this situation, perversely familiar, like a couple married of twenty years might kiss. The lower man somehow squealed beneath his breath, lowering himself on Snape, taking the much older man fully into his mouth. Snape knew he was nearing release, and was not sure if this was a curse or a blessing. The boy giving himself to his brother was grunting and growling the most deliciously perverse things under his breath, and each thrust shoved the nymphet between them harder onto Snape's length.

"Isn't it sweet, dear heart? His wanton little mouth has been wanting that cock of yours for a long time. Poor little rake rarely gets this, being used from both ends." The subject of this descant was shuddering excitedly, sucking greedily at Snape's head, one hand cupping his sac, the other gently squeezing his shaft in an agonizingly slow way. The dirty bastard above him just grinned, beads of sweat forming on his chest between the freckles, slamming home harder into his brother. The boy arched his back and marked his brother with his nails down his spine, and the sight of the identical boys locked together, one accepting the other's spend willingly was the end for Severus.

He came hard into the eager heat of the boy's mouth, his entire body tensed as he felt the boy lap at his cock, and saw the Adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed. When he had cleaned Snape off enough for the critical eye of his brother, they sat up together, grinning idiotically. The dirty-mouthed slut was absently granting his brother's release with his hand, looking over Snape like a prize griffon caught by hand.

Fred grinned at the immobile, exhausted man. "You know, Snape, we were really just fed up with your boring display of temper around here. Perhaps this will help you chipper up a bit, no? Now the Immobulus spell should wear off within the night, and we will be far from here for a while . . . give you time to realize how much we helped you." Fred gave Snape a winning grin as George finished, and idly wiped his hand on Snape's bedclothes.

When Snape sat up and grabbed Fred's wrist in a rather alarmingly hard grip, George half-shrieked in surprise, and Fred immediately tried to jump off the bed, instead just rolled half off and hit his hip rather bruisingly on the wood floor. "Unfortunately, Misters Weasley, you might want to go back and study your wand work," his eyebrow lifted and he sat up, a finger under George's chin, lifting it to make the boy look him in the eye. "While some of your wand work is invaluable to the Order, your Immobulus really needs work."
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